Clay Pot Triangles ( 8"x8"x8")
Clay Pot Triangles ( 8"x8"x8")

Clay Pot Triangles ( 8"x8"x8")

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  • Made out of processed clay.
  • First and foremost, terracotta pots help keep your plants healthy.
  • Because the clay is porous, water and air can pass through the sides of the pot.
  • This allows the soil to “breathe,” They’ve also got drainage holes in the bottom
  • If you’re a bit over-enthusiastic about watering or have a plant that hates lingering dampness, terracotta is the answer.

Terracotta has many advantages for the gardener and flower grower. One of the greatest is the fact that clay is completely natural, porous, and has thermal properties that make it an asset to plants. Those who use terracotta know that the porous nature of clay means you cannot easily overwater plants, the roots can breathe, and the clay itself has excellent heat retention. All of this adds up to better plant care. Another plus is can tell by the color of the pot if the plant actually does need to be watered, terra cotta is is moist and darker in color when there is moisture still present in the soil.

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